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Oxford TEFL


Oxford Tefl is among the most highly-regarded teacher training institutions in Europe. Last year more than 400 teachers earned their TESOL certificate in our centres in Barcelona, Cadiz, Kerala (India), London and Prague and around 20 completed their Trinity Diploma in TESOL, which we offer in Barcelona and Prague.

From the Barcelona and Prague centres we also provide language and skills training to the local and international business community, as well as offering a range of general English classes in the schools themselves.

Oxford Tefl was founded in 1998 by Duncan Foord and Nick Rawlinson. They had both been teaching and training in Barcelona for a number of years, and setting up the company was the natural step to take.

The company´s philosophy has been the same since the first day: to provide high quality training in a friendly and professional environment. In fact we believe you can’t have one without the other.

We feel confident enough to say that we continually achieve this goal; our trainees consistently mention the dedication and experience of our team, both pedagogic and administrative; they praise the support they receive and the open, relaxed nature of life in Oxford Tefl.

We are proud of our achievements in such a competitive field; through the years we have grown enormously and we plan to continue this growth in all areas of the company´s activities. This growth has only been possible because we have always followed our very simple philosophy.

We hope you will soon be able to experience and understand the Oxford Tefl way of doing things.

Courses Offered

Oxford TEFL offers the Trinity Certificate and Dipolma. Some of the most widely known and accepted teaching qualifications. They also offer an online starter course and teacher and school development courses.


The prices vary depending on course and location, but the cost of a Trinty Certificate course is around $1,500