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Board Games

Board games are a GREAT way to end off a class if you are lucky enough to have not too many students. They don't work quite so well with large classes. (If you're class size is somewhere in the middle of that - think teams!)

Car Racing Game

Best with 3 students or teams.
Simple! There are two pages, one a road (you will need several copies of this) and the other 3 cars. Lay the road out on the floor (or better still stick it to your whiteboard) the cars start at one end of the road. Ask questions. The first student (or team) to answer moves their car forward. The first car to the end wins a prize. download

Honey Comb Games

Best with 2-4 students or teams. Simple board games presented with a cool honey-comb layout. Each comes with 2 versions, one with pictures and the other with words.
Body Parts
Rooms in a House