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Practice and test your English with our online classes and quizzes.

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Online Classes

Our online classes each have a video, text or listening for you, and then questions and discussions to follow

Video Classes
Watch a short video, learn some vocabulary and answer questions

Listening Classes
Listen to a short talk, learn some vocabulary and answer questions

Vocabulary Classes
Learn some new words

Grammar Classes
Learn some grammar

Idiom Classes
Learn what idioms are and how to use them

Tounge Twisters
Practice your pronunciation with our tounge twisters

Reading Classes
Practice your reading comprehension with our classes

Culture Classes
Understand the culture as well as the language

Slang Classes
Learn some of the slang that native speakers use

Phrasal Words
Learn some of the phrasal verbs (those 2 or 3 word verbs)



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Idiom Quizzes
Slang Quizzes
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Exam Quizes

TOSEL Quizzes


Listen and type what you hear
Level 1


Spelling Bee, listen to a word and try to spell it
Word Hub, how many words can you make from the letters given?
Wordle, can you guess the five letter word?