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Let's learn: swim, draw, skate, ride a bike, skateboard, juggle, fly a kite, sing!

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Play some games with the flashcards 使用卡片玩游戏

  • Ask your child, 'What's this?' - very simple, just hold up a card and ask them what it is, if they don't know tell them. 问问你的孩子,“这是什么?” - 很简单,只要持有一张卡片,问他们是什么,如果他们不知道的告诉他们
  • Ask your child, 'Where is....?' - put all the cards down on the floor and ask them to find one - make it more fun by competing with your child, who can find the card first...child, mum or dad? 问问你的孩子,“哪里是....?” - 把所有的卡在地板上,并要求他们找到一个 - 与你的孩子,谁能够先找到卡的孩子,爸爸妈妈或竞争,使更多的乐趣?

    These games need lots of cards - try mixing cards from several units together: 这些游戏需要大量的卡片 - 试着混合几个单元的卡片:

  • Memory - you will need 2 sets of the cards. Put all the cards face down. Take turns turning over two cards (and then say what they are), if they match you keep them. The winner is the person who gets the most pairs. 记忆 - 你将需要2台卡。把所有的牌面朝下。轮流翻两张牌(然后说他们是什么),如果它们匹配你让他们。赢家是谁得到最对的人。
  • Go fish (for 2 or more players) - you will need 2 sets of the cards. Put all the cards face down in a pile on the floor. Each pick up 5 cards. The object is to try to match up a pair of cards. You ask your child 'Do you have a..(something you have) ...?' if they do they give to you and you win a point. If they don't you pick a card from the pile. Then the child asks you 'Do you have a ....?' - the winner is the person who gets the most pairs. 鱼(2个或更多的球员) - 你将需要2台卡。把所有的牌面朝下在一堆地板上。每次拿起5张。计划的目的是尝试匹配的一对牌。你问你的孩子是否有..(你拥有的东西)......?“如果他们这样做,他们给你,你赢得一分。如果他们不这样做,你选择一个卡,从一堆。然后,孩子问你“你有一个....?” - 赢家是谁得到最对的人。
  • Lotto - first print out two lotto boards (here) each person writes (or draws) words in each square. Then choose a card at random. If the word is on your board cross out the word. The first person to cross out all their words is the winner. 乐透 - 打印出两个乐透板(这里),每个人写(或平),每平方米的话。然后随机选择卡片。如果这个词是板子上的字划掉。划掉他们的话的第一人是赢家。

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