Verbs Mini Flashcards

Classroom Verbs

Stand up, Line up, March, Clean up - Color

Exercise Verbs

Up, Down, Turn Around, Jump - Color

-ing Verbs

Playing, Eating, Reading, Cooking - B&W
Exercising, Practicing, Working, Talking, Dreaming, Cutting, Shouting, Gluing, Thinking, Coloring (3 pages) - B&W
Blowing bubbles, Playing ball, Playing hide and seek, Playing tag - B&W
Flying a kite, Riding a bike, Singing a song, Taking a walk - B&W
Playing, shopping, studying, painting, eating, running, sleeping, writing (2 pages) - B&W
Sleeping - tired, Crying - sad, Eating - hungry, Drinking - thirsty (2 pages) - B&W
Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Sleeping, Brushing my teeth, Cooking, Watching TV (2 pages) - B&W
Sweeping the floor, folding the clothes, cleaning the windows, watering the plants, vacuuming the carpet, dusting the furniture, doing the dishes, cooking breakfast (3 pages) - B&W
Playing video games, visiting friends, listening to music, watching TV, riding my scooter, playing cards, baking cookies, making models (3 pages) - B&W Eating a snack, drinking juice, playing the drums, watching a DVD, reading a book, feeding a hamster, painting a picture, drawing a map (3 pages) - B&W

Past Tense Verbs

play - played baseball, study - studied English, watch - watched DVDs, bake - baked cookies, paint - painted pictures, brush - brushed the dog, wash - washed the car, practice - practiced the piano (2 pages) - B&W
make - made a poster, go - went to the park, see - saw a movie, write - wrote letters, sing - sang a new song, read - read books, swim - swam in the pool, draw - drew pictures (2 pages) - B&W
Saw a platypus, climbed a mountain, made a new friend, ate tacos, went to a party, rode a roller coaster, went to a museum, had a picnic, took a boat ride, bought some souvenirs (3 pages) - B&W
Watch - watched, practice - practiced, bake - baked, plant - planted, study - studied, talk - talked, play - played, walk - walked, visit - visited, clean - cleaned (3 pages) - B&W
Go - went, make - made, take - took, ride - rode, eat - ate, sweep - swept, write - wrote, sing - sang, read - read, drink - drank (3 pages) - B&W

Play Time Verbs

Slide, Swing, Run - Color

Other Common Verbs

Fly, draw, read, swim, sing, cook (2 pages) - B&W
Go, have, buy, call, use, borrow, watch, listen (2 pages) - B&W
Get up, take a shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, go to school, get home, do my homework, wash my hands (3 pages) - B&W
Go to the park, see a movie, eat something, get a drink, play outside, go home, take a walk, take a nap (3 pages) - B&W
Go sightseeing, send emails, take pictures, call home, play cards, write postcards, take a boat ride, go to the aquarium, buy some souvenirs, see a show (3 pages) - B&W
Take a test, go on vacation, get a haircut, see the doctor, drive to the beach, shop for clothes, fix the computer, have a party, write letters, meet some friends (3 pages) - B&W
Collect stickers, build models, cook, ice-skate, go on the internet, Mexico, Japan, Korea, China, Australia (3 pages) - B&W
Turn on the light, turn off the tv, pick up the toys, put away your books, take out your notebook, take out the trash, put on your coat, take off your shoes, hang up your clothes, clean up your room (3 pages) - B&W