Misc Mini Flashcards


Australia, The U.K., Japan, Brazil, Mexico, China, The U.S., Spain, Korea, Taiwan (3 pages) - B&W


Soccer, basketball, baseball, dodge ball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong (2 pages) - B&W
Ping-pong, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, badminton, hockey, running, tennis (2 pages) - B&W


English, music, art, math, science, history, P.E., subjects (2 pages) - B&W
Math class, English class, swimming class, baseball practice, music class, science class, dance class, soccer practice (2 pages) - B&W

Mixed Sets

Hungry, thirsty, grandmother, grandfather, short, tall, ruler, stapler (2 pages) - B&W
Snake, butterfly, soup, steak, pencil case, notebook, pink, gray (2 pages) - B&W