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Help at Home!

Help your child review the vocabulary and sentences they will be learning in class! The lessons here are in order of difficulty. So you can start at the beginning and work down the list one by one.

Level 0

Unit 1 Boy, Girl, Teacher
Unit 2 Book, Crayon, Puppet
Unit 3 Up, Down, Turn Around Jump
Unit 4 1,2,3,4,5
Unit 5 Apples, Cookies, Pudding, Juice
Unit 6 Colors
Unit 7 Clean up, Stand up, Line up, March
Unit 8 Car, Bus, Truck, Motorcycle
Unit 9 Weather
Unit 10 Chicken, Noodle, Soup
Unit 11 Pillow, Teddy Bear, Blanket
Unit 12 Police Officer, Farmer, Doctor
Unit 13 Candy, Ice Cream, Chips
Unit 14 Swing, Slide, Run
Unit 15 Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister
Unit 16 Dinner Time
Unit 17 Bath Time
Unit 18 Bed Time
Unit 19 Washing
Unit 20 My Body
Unit 21 Dressing
Unit 22 Breakfast
Unit 23 Eating, Playing, Reading, Cooking
Unit 24 Plural S
Unit 25 Umbrella, Bag, Jacket, Hat
Unit 26 Drivers
Unit 27 How Many?
Unit 28 In a Park
Unit 29 What do you Have?
Unit 30 Where's the Ball?
Unit 31 Apples, Ants, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Eggs, Cookies
Unit 32 A and An
Unit 33 What are you Doing?
Unit 34 What's he Doing?
Unit 35 My Leg Hurts!
Unit 36 Sleeping and Tired

Level 1

Unit 1 What's this?
Unit 2 Can you sing?
Unit 3 Who's she?
Unit 4 What's his name?
Unit 5 Is this a dog?
Unit 6 What color is this?
Unit 7 How old are you?
Unit 8 What do you like?

Level 2

Unit 1 What's this? and What do you like?
Unit 2 They're big
Unit 3 Do you like baseball?
Unit 4 What's that?
Unit 5 What are these?
Unit 6 Where's my book?
Unit 7 What time is it?
Unit 8 How many are there?
Unit 9 Do you have forks?
Unit 10 Days of the week
Unit 11 Where are you?
Unit 12 What are you wearing?
Unit 13 What page?
Unit 14 What color is it?
Unit 15 Shapes
Unit 16 What time is it?
Unit 17 Getting ready
Unit 18 Where are we going?
Unit 19 Fast food
Unit 20 Feelings
Unit 21 Our House
Unit 22 Weather
Unit 23 Telling Time
Unit 24 In a Toy Store
Unit 25 Eating Out
Unit 26 Art Class
Unit 27 After School
Unit 28 Class Party

Level 3

Unit 1 Are you hot? What's this? and Who's she?
Unit 2 What do you do on Monday?
Unit 3 Can I have a peach?
Unit 4 What subjects do you like?
Unit 5 What do you want?
Unit 6 Where's my wallet?
Unit 7 What is she doing?
Unit 8 Where's your nose?
Unit 9 Is it yours?
Unit 10 Days
Unit 11 Favorite sports
Unit 12 Lunch
Unit 13 Months
Unit 14 Careers
Unit 15 His and her
Unit 16 What I did
Unit 17 My day
Unit 18 Around town

Level 4

Unit 1 What are you doing? and Touch your shoulders
Unit 2 Are you dancing?
Unit 3 I'm washing the car?
Unit 4 Where are you going?
Unit 5 It's 3:15!
Unit 6 I like eating
Unit 7 Are these blue socks yours?
Unit 8 What do you want to do?
Unit 9 I'm a doctor
Unit 10 Countries
Unit 11 In my backpack
Unit 12 Animals in Austrialia
Unit 13 Souvenirs in Japan
Unit 14 A family in Mexico
Unit 15 Places in New York
Unit 16 Sightseeing in Korea
Unit 17 Fun day in the U.K.
Unit 18 What we did

Level 5

Unit 1 Is this yours?
Unit 2 Do you have any glue?
Unit 3 It's cold in winter
Unit 4 What did you do?
Unit 5 What did you eat?
Unit 6 Where were you?
Unit 7 When's your birthday?
Unit 8 What are you going to do today?
Unit 9 Will you put your toys away?
Unit 10 Introductions
Unit 11 The Best
Unit 12 Getting up
Unit 13 Planning a Fair
Unit 14 A School Fire Drill
Unit 15 Helping at Home
Unit 16 Getting Around
Unit 17 Setting the Table
Unit 18 The International Fair

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