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What is he Doing?

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Is Sammy home?
Yes, he is.
What is he doing?
He is sleeping.
Oh, OK.
Thank you anyway.

Is Suzy there?
Yes, she is. She is here.
But, she can't come out to play.
What is she doing?
Right now, she is eating dinner.
Oh, OK.
Thanks anyway.

Hi Lonney.
Can Donny come out to play?
No, I'm sorry. He is busy.
What is he doing?
He is reading and writing.
I am doing homework.
Oh, that's OK.
See you later.

Is Lisa here?
No, she is not here right now.
She is at the swimming pool.
She is jumping and swimming.
Oh, really!
Umm, oh well.

Is Looney here?
No, he is not here.
He is playing baseball over there.
What is he doing?
He is throwing. He is hitting.
He is running and he is catching.

Yeah! Safe!
You're out!
What! What do you mean I'm out?
Wait Lonney, we are coming.
What! Go away Lonney.
You were definitely out.
What do you mean? I was in.
No, definitely out.
No way. Go home.

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