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Hey brainiacks! Let's play a game called find the vehicles.
There are a bunch of toy vehicles hiding in our bedroom.Let's see how many we can find.
Do you hear that? It sounds like a firetruck.
I wonder where it can be? There it is! It was hiding in the trash can.
Now the firetruck is out of the trash can. Look at it go.
In the trashcan.
Out of the trashcan.
Let's see what else we can find.
I think I can hear a monster truck.
There it is! The monster truck was in the drawer and now it's on the floor.
What's he doing now? It looks like the monster truck is going to jump over the transport truck.
Cool! Nice jump!
In the drawer.
On the floor.
Over the transport truck.
I hear another emergency vehicle.
Let's go and find it. Look the little police car is chasing the sports car.
And he's right behind the sports car.
The police car is catching up to him. Now he's beside the sports car. And now the police car is in front of the sports car.
The police car was behind, beside, and in front of the sports car.
Let's try to find some more toy vehicles.
Hey, there's something up there.
Cool, it's a couple of big dump trucks.
The dump trucks are beside each other.
And here comes a back-hoe. The back-hoe is between the two dump trucks.
Beside. Between.
There's one more vehicle to find. I wonder where it could be.
No, not under the desk. It's not beside the dresser either. Where did it go?
Oh, I think I hear something. There it is, there's a helicopter under the bed.
Helicopters are so cool. They can go up in the sky, down to the ground, in any direction you want.
Now the helicopter is above the bed.
The helicopter was under the bed.
Above the bed.
It went up, and down.
Woah, look at the helicpter go.
The helicopter is flying around the light.
Oh no, look out!
Uh oh, the helicopter went through the window.
He really should be more careful.
The helicopter went around, the light and through the window.
Great job finding all those toy vehicals brainiacks.
The words we learned today are called prepositions, They help us find where things are and how they're moving.
Wow! You're learning so much. And you're going to be so smart for when you go to school.
Thanks for learning with us.

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in on
behind between
under up
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