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Phonics Song

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A is for apple.
A, A apple.

B is for ball.
B, B ball.

C is for cat.
C, C cat.

D is for dog
D, D dog.

E is for elephant.
E, E elephant.

F is for fish
F, F fish.

G is for gorilla
G, G gorilla.

H is for hat.
H, H hat.

I is for igloo
I, I igloo.

J is for juice.
J, J juice.

K is for kangaroo
K, K kangaroo.

L is for lion.
L, L lion.

M is for monkey.
M, M monkey.

N is for no.
N, N no.

O is for octopus.
O, O octopus.

P is for pig.
P, P pig.

Q is for question.
Q, Q question.

R is for rain.
R, R rain.

S is for sun.
S, S sun.

T is for train.
T, T train.

A is for umbrella.
A, A

V is for van.
V, V van.

W is for watch.
W, W watch.

X is for box.
X, X box.

Y is for yellow.
Y, Y yellow.

Z is for zoo.
Z, Z zoo.

These are the sounds that letters make.


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