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Homer Drinks a Candle

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That Simpson, he thinks he's the pope of chili-town.
Well this year I am ready for him.

Hello Chief.

Afternoon Homer, care for some chili? I've added an extra ingredient just for you the merciless peppers of quetzal stakka tananga.... grown deep in the jungle prime evil by the inmates of the Guatemalan insane asylum.

Wiggy, my chili's getting cold.


Hot, Hot,


Beer, Beer, give me some beer.

Homer, you promised you wouldn't drink.

But I need it!

Oh, lousy Wiggum, now the whole town thinks I'm a chili woose.

Wait mister, you're drinking a candle, you don't want to get wax in your mouth do you?

Maybe I do son, Maybe I do.

Hey, everybody, look who's back, the big baby, oh this porridge is too hot, oh, wah, wah, wah.
Want some more do you? Well sure, it's not my job to talk people out of killing themselves

More please

Good lord. This can't be happening.

By all medical logic steam should be shooting out of his ears.

His ears are for lucky.

Well chief don't quit your day job...whatever that is.


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inmate candle


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