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Alphablocks - Moon

Read and Watch

We can laugh.
We can sing.
We can make anything.
Hold my hand,
Make a magical land,
When letters get together we go out of kazam!
We can run.
We can slide.
We can hide in a box.
Are we ready for some fun with the Alphablocks.

M-OO-N moon!
What's a moon?
We're on the moon!
No way!
M-OO moo!
No, don't eat the moon!
My, oh my.
Anyone for tea?
Lovely, but how will we get home?
F-OO-T foot!
F-OO-T foot!
Funny smell!
Truly terrible tooties, try again.
H-OO-T hoot!
B-OO-T boot!
B-OO boo!

Learn some new words

moon foot
boot boo


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