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Alphablocks - Hen

Read and Watch

We can laugh.
We can sing.
We can make anything.
Hold my hand,
Make a magical land,
When letters get together we go out of kazam!
We can run.
We can slide.
We can hide in a box.
Are we ready for some fun with the Alphablocks.

Hey hello E
Hello H! Exercising? Excellent!
Exercise everyone. Come on N.
H-E-N hen!
Hello hen!
Hello egg!
N, it's only an egg!
Hey, hen, you forgot your egg!
Help! Hey egg, come back here!
Hurry, hurry!
I just popped in. Pretty!
H-O-P hop!
Hurray! I'm just like hen!
Hey, what's happening!
Mama, Mama.
Hey egg! Hen's your mother, not O.
Mama, Mama.
H-U-M hum!
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humty Dumpty had a great...
Hey, M, don't eat the wall.
Back in a moment.
Hurry M.
M-E-N men!
All the king's men and all the king's horses...
We can't put it back together again.
Goodness me!
H-U-G hug!
Hug, hug, hug.
Hen's your mother chick, not U.
Mama, mama.
Mama, mama.
Mama, mama.
Dada, dada.

Learn some new words

hen hop
men hug


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