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Alphablocks - Card

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We can laugh.
We can sing.
We can make anything.
Hold my hand,
Make a magical land,
When letters get together we go out of kazam!
We can run.
We can slide.
We can hide in a box.
Are we ready for some fun with the Alphablocks.

97 98 99
Terrific, time for the next turn in the alphablocks talent show, A.
Tell us what you are going to do A.
I haven't got an act.
Haven't got an act? We'll help.
H-A-T hat!
A hat and a wand? What can I do with these?
A magic act, but I'll need an assistant.
A pack of cards, who wants to take part?
Not me.
You're a star now pick a card, any card.
Look at the card, look at it long and hard.
We will now find your card.
Not likely.
H-A-R-P harp!
Is that your card?
No, that's a harp.
C-A-R-P carp!
Is this your card?
No, that carp is a fish.
We knew that.
D-A-R-K dark!
Is this your card?
I can't see, it's too dark.
C-A-R-D card!
Then this must be your card.
Are you sure?
C-A-R-D card!
Is this your card?
C-A-R-D card!
This one?
This is a truly terrible trick, time for our next act.
Wait! We've hardly started, we have a trick that will charm you.
T-A-R-T tart!
A tart
P-A-R-T part!
Part of a tart.
J-A-R jar!
Part of a tart in a jar.
C-A-R car!
The part of a tart in a jar is now in a car, and that's just the start.
C-A-R-T cart!
The part of a tart in a jar in a car is now on a cart.
B-A-R-N barn!
The part of a tart in a jar in a car on a cart is on a barn.
F-A-R far!
The part of a tart in a jar in a car on a cart on a barn is now far, on that star with your card.
No way! That is my card!

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