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Alphablocks - Bus

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We can laugh.
We can sing.
We can make anything.
Hold my hand,
Make a magical land,
When letters get together we go out of kazam!
We can run.
We can slide.
We can hide in a box.
Are we ready for some fun with the Alphablocks.

We're going to be late.
And where did P get to?
I just popped out for a second.
Hurry up! We're going to be late.
B-U-S bus!
Terrific a bus.
Oh that's our bus, what are you doing?
Oh, somebody think of something.
S-U-B sub!
Somebody stop them.
This isn't the right way.
I just popped downstairs and there's no driver.
We're in a tight spot now.
So, now what?
Time for you know what.
P-O-T-S pots!
P-O-S-T post!
The post has arrived.
Terrific, at last my bus pass.
S-T-O-P stop!
Now what?
I thought I'd pop back with one of these.
Tremendous, I can use my bus pass.
To, to, to. Where are we going?

Learn some new words

bus sub
run stop


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