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Parent's Area - Vocabulary

Help your child learn English!

Mini Flashcards

You can use our mini flashcards to play with your children and help them learn new words.
Download, print and then cut out the cards. You can then play some of the following games:
  • Ask your child, 'What's this?' - very simple, just hold up a card and ask them what it is, if they don't know tell them
  • Ask your child, 'Where is....?' - put all the cards down on the floor and ask them to find one - make it more fun by competing with your child, who can find the card first...child, mum or dad?
  • Go fish (for 2 or more players) - you will need 2 sets of the cards. Put all the cards face down in a pile on the floor. Each pick up 5 cards. The object is to try to match up a pair of cards. You ask your child 'Do you have a..(something you have) ...?' if they do they give to you and you win a point. If they don't you pick a card from the pile. Then the child asks you 'Do you have a ....?' - the winner is the person who gets the most pairs.
  • Memory - you will need 2 sets of the cards. Put all the cards face down. Take turns turning over two cards (and then say what they are), if they match you keep them. The winner is the person who gets the most pairs.
  • Lotto - first print out two lotto boards (here) each person writes (or draws) words in each square. Then choose a card at random. If the word is on your board cross out the word. The first person to cross out all their words is the winner.
Animal Mini Flashcards

Mini Books

Download, print and make our minibooks.
How Many (Transport) In this book, children have to count how many of a type of transportation there is on a page (for example there are 8 cars on one page) they then have to complete a sentence (I have ___ cars) with the correct number. To review numbers and transportation vocabulary. (8 pages)
What do I Say Book In this book, learn colors and what sounds animals make. Cut each page down the middle and then staple them together to make a book. A black and white version is also avaliable - great for coloring pages. (5 pages)


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