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Parent's Area - Spelling

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Weekly Spelling

Don't ask your child to just copy out a word over and over again. This DOESN'T work! Why? Because your child will just start copying letter by letter and not really think about what he/she is doing.
ALWAYS use the LOOK, COVER, CHECK method.
Ask your child to LOOK at the word and try to remember how to spell it. Then ask them to COVER the word with their hand and write it out again. Then CHECK to see if the word is spelled correctly. If not, try again. This method forces the child to actually think about the word they are writing and so can help spelling.
For easy practice use our spelling worksheet (download here). You should choose 5-10 words for a week, then ask your child to write each word out once per day for a full week - you will be amazed how much better their spelling gets!


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