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Words with a Long I
How many of these words can you read? Try to read them, then play the sound to see if you are right

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Alphablocks - Why

Read and Watch

We can laugh.
We can sing.
We can make anything.
Hold my hand,
Make a magical land,
When letters get together we go out of kazam!
We can run.
We can slide.
We can hide in a box.
Are we ready for some fun with the Alphablocks.

In harmony please.
Y, why are you here?
Why not?
Sorry, this group is vowels only.
So, one more time vowels.
Why can't I be more like U?
I just don't know what to do.
O E A they all know what to say.
But I'm much too shy to even try.
Yes, I make cake at the start of yellow, yo-yo or yacht.
But I'd to be heard at the end of a word.
And I'm trying to be something I'm not.
Y, my little Y, don't let your dreams pass you by.
All you have to do is...
We need a vowel, vowel needed.
You called?
I don't think so.
All you have to do is try.
What did you say.
All you have to do is.
T-R-Y try!
I don't believe it!
I can do it.
I'm not to SHY.
I'm so happy I could CRY.
I feel like I could FLY up into the...
I get the idea.


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